Advanced farming pack

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    The farming pack provides various seeds and building materials to help grow crops easily. It also includes the Dung Beetle which produces fertilizer.

    4x Wooden Foundations
    15x Greenhouse Walls
    1x Greenhouse Doorframe
    1x Greenhouse Door
    4x Greenhouse Ceilings
    5x Stimberry Seeds
    5x Narcoberry Seeds
    5x Mejoberry Seeds
    5x Tintoberry Seeds
    5x Azulberry Seeds
    5x Amarberry Seeds
    5x Longrass Seeds
    5x Rockarrot Seeds
    5x Savoroot Seeds
    5x Citronal Seeds
    2x Compost Bins
    5x Small Crop Plots
    8x Medium Crop Plots
    5x Large Crop Plots
    2x Metal Water Reservoirs
    10x Metal Irrigation Pipes - Vertical
    10x Metal Irrigation Pipes - Inclined
    10x Metal Irrigation Pipes - Intersection
    10x Metal Irrigation Pipes - Straight
    10x Metal Irrigation Pipes - Intake
    5x Metal Irrigation Pipes - Taps
    1x Dung Beetle (level 225)

  • Price: 6 tokens

When do I get it?

If your tribute inventory is empty, your order will be delivered in approximately 10 seconds. If your Tribute inventory is full, you will be asked to empty your Tribute inventory first. After you emptied your Tribute inventory, it should take only 1 minute to be delivered.

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Where to pick up the order

Every Supply crate and Obelisk gives you access to your Tribute inventory.