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    The advanced mining pack provides a valuable amount of supplies so you can start gathering those important minerals. It also includes the Doedicurus which is an expert in harvesting stone and the Ankylosaurus which is an expert in mining metal.

    8x Stone Foundations
    1x Mastercraft Metal Pick
    1x Mastercraft Metal Hatchet
    1x Smithy
    1x Fabricator
    1x Industrial Forge
    1x Industrial Grinder
    1x Chemistry Bench
    1x Electrical Generator
    10x Vertical Electrical Cables
    10x Inclined Electrical Cables
    10x Straight Electrical Cables
    10x Electrical Cable Intersections
    5x Electrical Outlets
    2x Large Storage Boxes
    100x Gasoline
    1x Doedicurus (level 225)
    1x Primitive Doedicurus Saddle
    1x Ankylosaurus (level 225)
    1x Primitive Ankylosaurus Saddle

  • Price: 25 tokens

When do I get it?

If your tribute inventory is empty, your order will be delivered in approximately 10 seconds. If your Tribute inventory is full, you will be asked to empty your Tribute inventory first. After you emptied your Tribute inventory, it should take only 1 minute to be delivered.

When your order is ready for pickup, you will get notified in-game!

Where to pick up the order

Every Supply crate and Obelisk gives you access to your Tribute inventory.